Support Services

We have onsite representation in over 60 countries and multiple international laboratories with sales and technical support from more than 400 dedicated experts.

The Zerust®Excor® team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in corrosion prevention and provides comprehensive design, application and after-sales support in order to ensure our customers corrosion protection requirements are met.

R&D Facilities  

Zerust®Excor® Federation has two main R&D facilities located in the USA and in Europe.

In addition to supporting our field experts, our R&D laboratories develop new products and solve customers’ corrosion problems. Our laboratories are equipped with modern analytical equipment which helps to distinguish the root cause of corrosion or compatibility of the customer’s process fluids with our products.

Package Design

Our packaging engineers develop environmentally friendly and easy to use packaging-systems, which combine corrosion protection and packaging with the customer’s existing processes.

Whether opting for single or multi-use, interior or exterior packaging, our engineers design solutions that consider the method of storage, protection time and the climatic conditions experienced in the warehousing and shipping process.

Climate Chamber Tests

Our corrosion specialists can test and analyse packaging concepts (up to 16 m³ of Volume) with various corrosion protection options. We can simulate the various climatic conditions that can be expected during shipment.

During field testing of the chosen protection method, our specialists can install a data-logger that records climatic conditions. We evaluate all collected data and provide a report to the customer. The effectiveness of various proposed solutions may be assessed in tests carried out in climate chambers in our laboratories in the United States, Germany, Japan, India and Russia according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-30.

Trial Shipments 

Zerust®Excor® applications engineers will assist with the on-site preparation and packing of test shipments. Upon request, a data recorder can be incorporated into test shipments to track actual climate conditions throughout the trial. At its destination, the shipment can be inspected and evaluated by a global Zerust® representative.

Get in touch with our team of specialists to find out more information or discuss your corrosion issues.

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