Corrosion has always been a big problem amongst manufacturers and end-users alike, it’s expensive and time consuming—fortunately, protective products and coatings offer a simple solution to these problems. Researchers have reported that preventative products provide resistance that can vastly increase the lifetime of substrates. This equates to years of maintenance-free use and lower operations costs.

While some manufacturers believe that corrosion resistance need only be incorporated in manufacture and design, research has proven otherwise. Integrating preventive features in product design is certainly not a bad idea, but unexpected (and unavoidable) changes in a structure’s operational environment often lead to unforeseen corrosion damage despite these innovations. Costs aside, the combination of mechanical and environmentally assisted material damage and corrosion can spur unexpected failures and subsequent dangers via reduced load-carrying capacity. Corrosion is undoubtedly bad news for your companies, time, money and resources.

The natural elements that cause corrosion aren’t going anywhere, which makes the corrosion problem seem like even more of a formidable opponent in the context of a world that relies on its metal machinery and parts. However, for the many different industries that rely on various metals, the solution is simple. Here at Zerust we provide a wide range of anti-corrosion products to suit every application; we work closely with our clients to find the best solution for each individual requirement meaning you no longer need to worry about the effects of corrosion and its impact on your business.