A major manufacturer of military aircrafts needed fuselage electronics, tooling sets, wing sections, and even complete aircrafts to arrive without corrosion. However,  when using oils and greases to protect metals the manufacturer’s engineers noticed corrosion in various areas. After working with the Zerust corrosion management team, the company applied Zerust corrosion prevention solutions to stop corrosion during shipment. Using Zerust helped them proactively meet their stringent contract and industry standards while safely managing corrosion.

The Solution

The company implemented the use of Zerust Vapour Capsules, models: VC6-1 and VC2-2, to protect the fuselage electronics, wing sets and tooling sets from corrosion damage during shipment. Zerust Vapour Capsules emit a non-toxic, non-reactive, odourless corrosion inhibiting vapour that is safe for sensitive electronics. This vapour settles on metal surfaces and forms a powerful corrosion protection shield even in hard-to-reach areas. All equipment arrived at its destination free of corrosion and in perfect working order! The use of Zerust Vapour Capsules prevented corrosion and substantially decreased the use of ineffective oils and grease—saving the company time, money and manpower while minimising hazardous waste.


The Zerust VC6-1 Vapour Capsule was the answer to the aircraft manufacturer’s corrosion problems during international shipping.