Over the winter the extreme conditions that we leave our valuable metals out in can often cause corrosion and rust problems leaving metals looking worn out, unpresentable and in some cases unusable this is why Zerust UK are pleased to offer Zerust Outdoor Preservation Shrink Film the perfect protection against the elements. Zerust Outdoor Preservation film is a premium, high-strength, shrink film with UV stabilizers that enables valuable metal assets to be stored outdoors for up to 3 years. This packaging product combines a superior shrink film product with proprietary Zerust VCI (vapour corrosion inhibitor) technology. This specially designed VCI shrink film is ideal for lay-up and mothballing of equipment, vehicles and outdoor storage of components. Multiple sheets can be shrunk together for any size application such as structures and machinery.

Zerust® Outdoor Preservation Film protects valuable metal assets and makes them ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed. The film shrinks and conforms to objects when heated to repel moisture and contaminants. Zerust® VCI saturates the interior of the packaging to protect hard to reach spaces and voids from corrosion.

For a total corrosion management solution for extreme conditions in shipping, storage and mothballing, discuss your options with our Zerust sales team now on 01388 420333.